The Best AIDC for the Automotive Industry

Get complete visibility of your supply chain

Having the right materials available when and where they’re needed keeps your production processes moving from the moment you receive raw materials until you ship the end product to your customers AIDC Solutions. Using real-time data you can optimize the material management in your plants and warehouses, reducing waste and downtime across your entire operation. Our integrated AIDC solutions are perfect to manage inventory, delivery, assets, security and documents.

Our solutions provide real-time inventory visibility by quickly and accurately capturing data using mobile computers, advanced barcode scanners, and RFID readers.

Our solutions are built on an in-depth understanding of your supply chain needs and feature configurable, best practice processes and workflows developed in conjunction with leading automotive and industrial companies. With us, you can improve partner collaboration, extend visibility and reduce risks — ensuring that demand, production, supply and budgets are in sync.

Hardware Partners

We work closely with the advanced equipment to ensure that our solutions are robust and perfectly integrated. Our solutions integrate SATO barcode printers, ZEBRA, TSC and TVS are, scanners and portable barcode HONEYWELL MOTOROLA and make.

The Next Gen Vendor Connect Portal

V-Connect is an integration of SAP & Barcode Solutions, a growing collection of integrated enterprise applications, plugin services and apps that help you process faster, do more and save more. V-Connect is a Great Catalyst for AIDC

V-Connect Solution Suite

  • Barcode Traceability Solutions
  • FIFO Management for Stores
  • Custom Warehouse Management
  • Vendor Portal for SAP Users.
  • Gate Entry Automation
  • GR Automation
  • Automation in Production Confirmation
  • Work In Progress
  • Quality Control Systems

Key Advantages

  • Easy to Use for small & large vendors
  • Get all your vendors on one platform, quickly
  • Minimal Hardware infrastructure required
  • Works on simple broadband internet connection
  • No additional investment for the vendor
  • No Software Installation required; works on common internet browsers
Vendors Connected
Successful Installations

Tailored Solutions.

We customize V-Connect to suit your specific requirements. From new Application Architecture, to GUI design and implementation, Integration with existing software and complete Workflow Customization; we work with you for a solution that works for you.

Customer Testimonials

Flexible, Responsive, On time and On budget

Rodney Lister
Project Manager / Nexus Informatics Corporation, USA

The solution provided was very customer friendly and useful for moving towards a just-in-time production

Dileep SN
Manufacturing Head / Apollo Tyres

Thanks for the efforts put in to the execution of the project with your capabilities, specially the domain knowledge and experience

Pravin Mandlekar
IT Manager / Z F Lyncsysteme

Their solution works great & lot of time is saved, reducing mistakes

Parashuram Hampi
IT – Head / Keihin Fie Private Limited

Our Work in the AIDC for Automotive industry

High Value Material Dispensing & Management for CIPLA

October 13, 2015

Optimizing Inventory for Production that never stops. All on one screen.

October 12, 2015

300 + Vendors on One Platform

October 9, 2015

Reduced wastage for Apollo Tyres

October 7, 2015

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