A central vendor connect portal that links with SAP saving 1000’s of working hours

How many man-hours do you waste in finding, making, re-checking, double checking, re-making PO’s, agreements, schedules, payment reports etc. across multiple vendors? Our V-Connect Solution just saved those man-hours for 300+ vendors and their clients; not to mention the delays that got avoided across these offices. Vtelebyte developed and implement a Vendor portal across 18 SAP using plants and 300 vendors, which helps them release the Purchase Orders, Service Agreements, Schedule lines, Payment records and many such documents seamlessly to their vendors.

The vendors use the portal to generate an ASN (Advanced Shipping Note) with a barcode for every delivery consignment. This barcode on the ASN is scanned at the gate or in the stores to automate posting of GR (MIGO) in SAP.

Technologies used: Microsoft .Net, SQL Express, SAP

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