Industrial Printer


High-Performance Thermal Printer

Key Features

  1. New: Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) now available! Reduce cost, save space, improve productivity – Learn more
  2. Up to 6.5″ Wide Printing with CL6NX Wide Web Thermal Printers
  3. Solid Construction – Full cast aluminum frame providing better durability
  4. Universal Connectivity – More standard connectivity options create easier integration into existing and expanding application environments
  5. Easy Media Access – Wide accessibility (60°) to media path allows for quick, effortless loading of media, print head and platen roller maintenance.
  6. Label Dampener – LTDS controls the back-feed; wound in/wound out features, making most media CLNX adaptable.
  7. On-board Help Videos – Conveniently set up in printer for viewing
  8. Advanced Ribbon Control – Additional ribbon guide roller and over-sized ribbon wind spindle is synchronized with platen roller to help reduce ribbon wrinkle.